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Walk type, and walk-specific settings

  1. Random Walk: The walk will start at the centre of the map. "Step size" and "number of steps" should be obvious; they're measured in pixels. For a real random walk you pick a direction from 1-360 and take a step; this tends to zigzag back on itself quite a lot. If you're using the "make circular" checkbox, this is fine. If not, we can add a "straightness" fudge factor: instead of rolling one 360-sided dice, we roll (say) six 60-sided dice and add them up. The more dice you roll, the more the results cluster around 180 degrees, and the more you end up heading in a straight line...
  2. Beerglass Walk: As popularised, if that's the word I want, by beerglasswalks. Instead of a circle, you get a polygon centred at the centre of the map; you can select how many sides, and the radius (i.e. centre-to-vertex distance) of the polygon. You can also rotate the shape anticlockwise by some number of degrees, if you feel the need.
  3. Themed Walk: Search a database of businesses for a particular term, and create a walk from up to 20 of the matching locations. It will attempt to arrange them into a vaguely sensible walk, but I make no guarantees...


  1. Zoom to route resizes and recentres the map after a new route is drawn.
  2. Driving route tries to create a driveable route between the points (this is usually useless).
  3. Show pushpins / number pushpins are toggles that allow you to have no pushpins, unnumbered pushpins, or numbered pushpins.
  4. Show URL is an ugly hack that generates a bookmarkable URL for your route, which appears below the map. For themed walks, the route is saved but the details of each stop aren't.
  5. Make circular adds a final link back to the beginning of the walk, and reorders the points to make it less zigzag. The starting point remains fixed.
For most of the settings, there's a range of acceptable values, and outlandish settings will be silently corrected. The red flag icon is from the lovely free "Silk" icon set, which you can get from famfamfam.
Generic disclaimers: Not for use by idiots. For entertainment purposes only. I accept no responsibility if the map takes you over a cliff, along a motorway, through a minefield, etc.